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April 26, 2021

How to design your dream custom kitchen

People love gathering in the kitchen. Whether it’s to have a family meal together, or whether it’s to mingle during a party, the kitchen tends to always be the heart of a home.

Having a well-designed kitchen in Vancouver is necessary for a higher resale value. Homeowners tend to see a 100% return on their investment for upscale kitchen renovations. Whether or not one is selling their home, knowing this often gives homeowners the confidence to create the kitchen of their dreams.

So how do you go about designing your dream custom kitchen? How would you not only create the perfect look but also match the kitchen’s functionality to your lifestyle?


This is almost the best part of designing your dream kitchen, the only thing better is seeing your dream kitchen become a reality. But getting there starts with dreaming and browsing endless possibilities on Pinterest.

BFJ Design works with the most talented designers in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We love to look at your favorite inspiration pictures and help you bring your vision to life. If your dream kitchen means eco-sustainable materials, we can easily accommodate. If modern kitchens excite you, then you’ll love what we have in store. Or if you’re looking for something a little more traditional, then you’ll really appreciate our attention to detail.


This can be the most difficult step to designing your dream kitchen, even though it should be easy. You only have a limited amount of funds available to you… sort of. Refinancing your home for renovations is a common practice, especially if you’ve built up home equity.

Once you’ve determined the total amount available for your custom kitchen renovation, you’ll need to consider the type of work you want to be done. The amount of reconfiguring you need will greatly affect the amount spent. If you plan on moving your sink across the room or adding a fridge with an ice maker then you’ll need to add plumbing and water lines. Moving the exhaust fan for the stove can be tricky as well. It is also important to note if you live in a condominium then you need the strata’s approval for layout change and there may be some limitations. When it comes to budgeting for these major changes, you may want to work backwards. Estimate your costs for flooring, counters, appliances, etc. This will help determine how much you have leftover for reconfiguring.

By the way, when it comes to budgeting, don’t forget to consider tear down and removal services. If you take your time with the removal, your old kitchen (including cabinets, counters, and appliances) can be donated to Habitat for Humanity. Their ReStore professionals will take away old kitchens for free. 


Whether building from scratch or remodeling, designing a kitchen isn’t easy. Meeting with a professional designer will help you save time and money on the renovation and will ensure you get everything you’re dreaming of. A designer will help you stick to your budget and if the possibility of selling your home is on the horizon, they’ll assure your choices impact the resale value.

There are other considerations you’ll want to discuss with your designer, including:

  • Layering your lighting for both function and atmosphere.
  • Strategically placing electrical outlets.
  • Ventilation and airflow.
  • Storage and workspace.

Planning a renovation this size and using high-end materials to create your dream custom kitchen can be stressful, your designer, however, should eliminate most of the pressure for you. Visit our showroom in downtown Coal Harbour for more inspiration to plan your dream kitchen.

March 17, 2021

Luxury Renovation Trends 2021

Open Concept Living Room
The pandemic changed so much for us including life at home. Many of us here in Vancouver found ourselves spending weeks, even months inside our homes, giving us time to literally stare at the walls. Dreaming of ways to redecorate is only natural. On top of that, for some, covid has them working from home permanently. With that in mind, this guide has been created to help you with your renovations, featuring the top luxury renovation trends for 2021.


Many homeowners renovate their bathroom – only when it’s time to sell. That’s because new bathrooms have proven to have a great return on investment. However, a 2020 survey by Houzz.com shows that 55% of homeowners said renovating their master bathroom has brought them peace of mind, and eliminated a lot of daily stress.

A custom vanity is a great place to start when building your bathroom oasis. Your design team should work with you to make the most out of the space, increasing function and storage.

We recommend working with a design team that can give you access to, and choose from the highest quality materials. This way you can be confident that your bathroom was built to last, staying beautiful and functional over the years. The countertop on your bathroom vanity can help create a unique feel by adding colour and texture to the bathroom. Check out some quartz and marble counters for inspiration, many fall in love with the stone and plan their design around its look.


Over the past year, we saw a renewed interest in cane webbing and rattan furniture. Natural materials such as stone counters, hardwood floors and materials made from leather or jute are following suit in 2021. Along with this, is a jump in appreciation for live plants, helping to create a peaceful, natural environment. To get the most out of this trend, try layering natural finishes within your living space to create texture and depth, starting with beautiful custom hardwood floors.

You can boost the natural feel of a room by using warm earth tones on your walls. Greys and blues have been popular for the last several years, but things are warming up in 2021. Since we’re spending more time at home, the need to increase comfort, and create a cozy environment is more important than ever. Expect to see organic shades of camel, mixed with deep calming colours such as olive green.


This is a little surprising because open floor plans have been popular for over a decade. However, throughout covid, families were forced to coexist under the same roof, all day and night. Now that 2021 is here, designers and home builders are focusing on creating designated spaces for different activities such as an office, a playroom, or a room for homeschooling. Closed floor plans offer privacy as well as improve your ability to focus, by eliminating distractions.


If you love the additional functionality and storage that comes from a kitchen island… then you’ll be happy to hear designers are doubling up. Since kitchens have become a gathering place for guests, larger kitchens are in demand. A pair of islands in the center is the epitome of luxury, providing plenty of storage and counter space. Topping these islands with a thick cut of granite or marble stones creates a beautiful space your guests will be envious of.

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