Kitchen – SCIC Italia


The Campiglio kitchen looks like a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics, flexibility and customization. For a kitchen to live where you can move freely, every day. In a project where even the volumes follow the contrasts harmony playing on different heights and depths, practicality does not renounce to be original. The design, characterized by a system of recessed handles on drawers, doors, columns and island units, has been studied to offer multiple solutions.


Canossa sports a layered design, with many references to tradition and details that emerge like memories in black and white. An eclectic style inspired by classic shapes, adjusted to the need for contemporary features and style. Stone, wood, brass and black enamelled iron details blend together to recreate an elegant interpretation of materials and volumes, so that details such as the leg or the handrail lose their connotation of themed pieces of furniture to become simply stylish.


Conchiglia is a bright kitchen, a real glass treasure chest that encloses the main functions of washing and cooking in an innovative and original space thanks to the openable block. The Conchiglia block, if necessary, permits you to hide the washing and cooking functional parts (sink and hob) by turning the top in a single worktop with a completely useable surface. Just as a shell, it opens and closes, hides and encloses. Conchiglia, in Flat or Gem version, is a kitchen which uses glass for doors, tops and splash panels.


Just like a pathway that forks into different branches, the Labirinto project goes through diverse solutions and finishes to achieve a single result of beauty and harmony. Just like a hedge maze or a sixteenth-century star-shaped city, we sought to enrich the Labirinto project with tactile and visual sensations that ultimately make up its real peculiarity. The black aluminium frame, with its peculiar outline, supports a natural metal panel available in antique brass or steel, with many fascinating finishes such as vintage, satin, copper, slate and lacquered.


Feeling comfortable in the kitchen, moving around freely, like you do in perfectly fitting clothes, choosing the right colour and size, combining comfort and elegance. We have looked at kitchen design through new eyes, conceiving it to be flexible, contemporary, comfortable and always very classy. This enables the expression of the people who live the kitchen every day, in complete freedom.


Doors, elegantly rounded by a delicate diamond like finish to highlight the contours of a modern kitchen that indulges itself in the pleasure of details. The Livigno model embodies in the kitchen the research of a personality who is not afraid to challenge classical elements: the elegance in everyday use. Kitchens with a contemporary style whose refined cabinets allow an extremely flexible design.


The Mediterraneum System offers a wide range of materials, finishing, colours and accessories for a custom designed kitchen tailored to your needs. A vast number of combinations to ensure these models provide different depths and heights for bases, wall units and columns.


We have shaped the new Pompei model by the lava of the volcano, a living and unique material in the world. Inspired by the grandeur of a city whose fame has crossed centuries and borders, whose history has fascinated generations. The doors realized with volcanic lava are cut to size, engraved and finally decorated and hand-painted by master craftsmen. Scic paid homage to the mysterious and fascinating city of Pompeii with a delicate and refined engraving that reproduces the plan of the old city in sequential reiterations, depicting the Amphitheatre, the Street of Abundance and the House of the Labyrinth.