Keeping Your Condo Renovation Low Stress

Condos are usually designed generically to please the highest number of people. Did you realize that your condo is also constructed this way to make it easier for you to customize to your lifestyle?

Rather than making do with the builder’s kitchen, bathroom or closet design, more savvy condo owners are investing in upgrades and restyles that better show their personalities, fit their lifestyles, and add functionality to how their space is utilized. Even small changes can be meaningful and have a big impact, both practically and aesthetically. You can go from living in a condo you like, to living in one that matches your needs perfectly.

Considering the large investment you’ve made in your home already, isn’t it worth the extra effort to really make the design work for you? This may be the perfect time for a kitchen or bathroom renovation, or to rethink your closets and storage areas.

Whether you’re interested in a condo renovation to add a more luxurious look and feel to your home, or to maximize your storage space and flow, planning in advance can save you a lot of stress and costly mistakes.

Tips for a Low Stress Reno:

Proper Planning:

  1. Your entire project’s success depends on the team you’ve chosen. Choose a project manager who really understands your vision and timeline. Your contractor will manage the team to carry out your wishes. They will handle any day-to-day stressors and keep the project moving.
  2. An experienced general contractor will also help obtain a city permit if needed and coordinate with the strata council or property manager. Your GC will also handle coordination between the team, including with the designer, trades, and so on.
  3. The appliances and cabinets should be ordered well in advance. Again, your renovation project manager can help arrange all these logistics along an appropriate timeline for your condo renovation.


If you don’t have the budget for renovating more than one room, consider which area you would use the most once it’s updated or reconfigured. Would it be:

  • Your kitchen, where you do the most entertaining?
  • Your bathroom, where you long to go for respite and a relaxing soak after a long day?
  • Your outdoor balcony, which you would use year-round if it was covered, had adequate seating and an easy barbecue station.


Design Elements to Consider:

Choosing a good designer to help you get the right look and feel for your condo renovation goes way beyond choosing colours, wood stains, hardware and textures. Your designer can take the stress out of knowing what will work with the amount of natural light, the ceiling height, and helping blend styles, if needed.



Are you ready for some design ideas? BFJ Design offers both modern and classic styles, all of which have an undeniably elegant and sophisticated look and feel. Click here to start dreaming about your condo renovation.

From conception to completion, BFJ Design is here to keep your condo renovation low stress, on budget, and on time.

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