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April 13, 2022

Kitchens for High Rises and Multifamily Projects

Are you considering a kitchen renovation in a tight space, perhaps in a condominium? Are you building a multi-family project that needs a high-quality, eco-friendly solution made just for a contemporary condo layout?


Efficient Design Without Compromising Quality and Style:

As condo living becomes more popular for young families with children, it’s important to utilize a smart design that incorporates as much useable cabinet space as possible.

Smart, efficient design does not have to be devoid of personality and elegance. Although a tight space can create a design challenge, a designer and kitchen supplier who can think outside the box will be important in problem-solving your storage capacity issues. You can have a sleek, distinctive design that accommodates the storage space needed for a growing family, without compromising style, quality, or useability.

Functionality and a unique look can be combined effectively with the right kitchen design. This is just the kind of challenge we enjoy tackling here at BFJ Design.


Common Issues in Condo Kitchen Designs:

  • Condo kitchens often have shorter ceilings than those found in houses and townhouses.
  • There are often restrictions for plumbing and electrical work.
  • A condo kitchen area can include tight spaces or unusable spaces unless the layout is well-designed.
  • Poor quality materials can easily wear and break down quickly in tight spaces.
  • If the design is poor, it can be hard to move around in a small condo-sized kitchen.

We take advantage of top-of-the-line technology and supply compact and spacious kitchens that fully utilize tight areas. Our multi-family line of products is catered towards developers and designers who require ordering large volumes of kitchen cabinets.


Eco-Friendly, Sleek Solutions:

Our factory is green-certified. It’s powered by solar panels and our factory is both Carb 2 compliant and FSC certified. As we are very health conscious, the amount of formaldehyde (glue) we use is at the lowest possible levels. Every step of our design and building process is analysed carefully to meet our environmentally friendly requirements.

You’ll find that the quality of our cabinets is exceptional. We are very proud of our production standards, and we know you will be impressed by our kitchen cabinetry products and solutions.

Let’s have a conversation about your renovation or building project today: Click here to connect with one of our designers.

March 23, 2022

Italian Hardwood Flooring

When completing a renovation, the beauty is always in the details. Each element in a great design plays off the other elements, helping to set a unique tone or a mood for your newly designed room.

One element that can be easily overlooked is the flooring. Sometimes, the floor does not get the attention it deserves, lack of knowledge, or the mistaken belief that the flooring is not as important as other features. However, when given the right attention, a well-designed floor can pull an entire room together and create visual interest that complements the other design components.

When focusing not just on durability and colour, but also on the aesthetic, a world of options opens up to create a beautiful and elegant ambiance through carefully-chosen flooring materials. In this blog article, we are focusing on Italian hardwood flooring, our specialty.


Our Process:

BFJ Designs is the only brand that directly owns and controls every step of the hardwood processing for our designs. We use birchwood from our own forests and a specialized process to ensure the distinctive look for the design is achieved through our careful processing system. Our flooring is also very durable and will stand up to the test of time.



Sadly, pine is commonly used for the underlay of many luxury floors. At BFJ Designs, our design pattern engineered hardwood flooring is birch, which is substantially superior to pine. We know that your new flooring should last for the lifetime of the design, and we build our floors to last by paying attention to every aspect, even the parts you cannot see.


Other Important Qualities of Our Flooring:

  • Because we only use quality materials, all our flooring is radiant heat safe.
  • We can supply hardwood flooring from normal planks to very special customized patterns. Whether your newly designed room requires classical flooring, extra-wide planks, jumbo-length planks, a unique cut pattern, we can provide flooring that will enhance the character of the space.
  • The incorporation of inlays can be very creative and fun. We can incorporate marble, ceramic, steel, and bronze inlays in the flooring design to provide a unique and refreshing experience.
  • We offer many species of wood and we can also custom colour-match the flooring to other design features.


Stylish Options for Your Unique Room Design:

Italian hardwood doesn’t just look beautiful on the floor. The same patterns and materials can also create a stunning look by incorporating it on the walls as millwork paneling. It can even be used for the furniture, such as the dining table. The options are practically endless.  



Now is a great time to investigate what BFJ Designs can do for your next renovation. From conception to completion, we will help you select the best quality materials and the right design features to create the look and feel you want for your new room.

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December 22, 2021

Trends and Timelessness – Bathroom Renovations

Investing in a bathroom renovation will help retain, and even improve, the saleability of your home. A bathroom renovation will also make your home more liveable. Whether you want to change a dated design or improve your bathroom’s functionality, it’s important to consider the design elements and to understand the current trends in bathroom design.

Some trends are short-lived. Choosing a design that stops being fashionable will decrease the long-term value of your renovation. Nobody really wants to live with a bathroom that looks dated and old.

A very important factor to consider is the materials being used. Many lower quality products will fade, scratch, pit, or peel over time. Bathrooms have a higher humidity rate than other rooms in your home. The materials must be able to withstand high humidity, as well as heat and high usage. Choosing durable, great looking products with a timeless quality will help you get the best value for your renovation.

Select large format porcelain tile or marble for the walls to give your bathroom a sophisticated look that is on-trend. These materials stand up well over time and will always look as good as the day they were installed.

Using finishes like brass and bronze is very trendy and popular in bathroom design now, but those products also have a timeless quality that will never go out of style.

There are many faucet styles available on the market, which a designer can help you source, to help you get the unique look you are after. It’s easy to add a sense of whimsy or elegance to your bathroom renovation by adding well-placed elements into your overall design’s look.

Another design element to consider is installing a vanity with lacquered or wood veneer German or Italian cabinets. They look sensational and they are very trendy right now, yet these styles of cabinetry are classic and will still be appealing and functional for many years to come.


A few pointers to remember about the space itself:

  • If you have the space, a freestanding bathtub always looks beautiful and luxurious. There are many shapes and styles available in today’s market to match the other design elements of your bathroom renovation.
  • For smaller spaces, using materials and finishes with lighter colours will prevent the bathroom from seeming cramped.
  • Texture, or the appearance of texture, can enhance visual and sensory experience, ensuring certain design elements really pop out.


Consider using a designer to bring your renovation together for you. A designer will have access to unique and interesting products, including completely customized designs. You’ll be sure to get the very best quality products available, with qualified, skilled craftspeople handling the creation and installation aspects.

Best of all, a designer can help you keep your bathroom renovation on budget and on time, taking out the worry and stress from your experience so you can focus on the results you want.

BFJ Design offers the latest and most innovative products and designs for your bathroom renovation. We are based in Vancouver and serve the entire Lower Mainland. We would love to work with you to achieve your unique vision and create a new bathroom that you will appreciate for many years and add to the value and beauty of your home.

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November 15, 2021

Keeping Your Condo Renovation Low Stress

Condos are usually designed generically to please the highest number of people. Did you realize that your condo is also constructed this way to make it easier for you to customize to your lifestyle?

Rather than making do with the builder’s kitchen, bathroom or closet design, more savvy condo owners are investing in upgrades and restyles that better show their personalities, fit their lifestyles, and add functionality to how their space is utilized. Even small changes can be meaningful and have a big impact, both practically and aesthetically. You can go from living in a condo you like, to living in one that matches your needs perfectly.

Considering the large investment you’ve made in your home already, isn’t it worth the extra effort to really make the design work for you? This may be the perfect time for a kitchen or bathroom renovation, or to rethink your closets and storage areas.

Whether you’re interested in a condo renovation to add a more luxurious look and feel to your home, or to maximize your storage space and flow, planning in advance can save you a lot of stress and costly mistakes.

Tips for a Low Stress Reno:

Proper Planning:

  1. Your entire project’s success depends on the team you’ve chosen. Choose a project manager who really understands your vision and timeline. Your contractor will manage the team to carry out your wishes. They will handle any day-to-day stressors and keep the project moving.
  2. An experienced general contractor will also help obtain a city permit if needed and coordinate with the strata council or property manager. Your GC will also handle coordination between the team, including with the designer, trades, and so on.
  3. The appliances and cabinets should be ordered well in advance. Again, your renovation project manager can help arrange all these logistics along an appropriate timeline for your condo renovation.


If you don’t have the budget for renovating more than one room, consider which area you would use the most once it’s updated or reconfigured. Would it be:

  • Your kitchen, where you do the most entertaining?
  • Your bathroom, where you long to go for respite and a relaxing soak after a long day?
  • Your outdoor balcony, which you would use year-round if it was covered, had adequate seating and an easy barbecue station.


Design Elements to Consider:

Choosing a good designer to help you get the right look and feel for your condo renovation goes way beyond choosing colours, wood stains, hardware and textures. Your designer can take the stress out of knowing what will work with the amount of natural light, the ceiling height, and helping blend styles, if needed.



Are you ready for some design ideas? BFJ Design offers both modern and classic styles, all of which have an undeniably elegant and sophisticated look and feel. Click here to start dreaming about your condo renovation.

From conception to completion, BFJ Design is here to keep your condo renovation low stress, on budget, and on time.

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