Are You Located in the Lower Mainland and Looking for Kitchen Renovation? Vancouver Resident’s Now Have More Options!


A kitchen renovation project can be an exciting affair, particularly for DIY enthusiasts, and anyone desperately seeking a makeover for their kitchen area. A well-renovated kitchen can add a zeal of life to an otherwise bland space, and increase the property value of the home to boot!

In addition, it enhances the area for in-home entertaining – for those who have an in-home cooking or baking businesses – and of course for those who have a growing family.

Some reasons why our clients chose to have a kitchen renovation included, updating the visual look of the space via a new paint job, updating cabinetry and adding new appliances. Also, upgrading counter surfaces, adding new flooring, rearranging themes to make new space, and adding in sectionals to make room for functional pieces. And of course, adding fixtures such as lighting and exhaust fans, etc. Whatever the case, everyone did benefit from a kitchen renovation project, which added so much stress-free rhythm and flow to their cooking and living arrangements.

Some kitchen renovation jobs can include but are not limited to:
Changes in structure

If you have a good-sized budget, you can undertake a deeper renovation, which can include tearing down a wall, adding a pillar, adding a new section of cabinetry or a kitchen island, or relocating your appliances to create space and flow.

Adding new appliances

A major component of a kitchen is its appliances, so adding new appliances can be a game-changer for a kitchen renovation project. Vancouver residents can easily access many big-brand retailers that carry a wide variety of electrical appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, stoves, toasters, fancy mixers, and more. Modern-day appliances include smart features that make minimal noise, are sleek in design and build, can be customized in colour, and often can be controlled via your smartphone with the help of an app.

Plumbing or electrical work

A home renovation project can include a residential serving contractor who can also do work related to electrical or plumbing. This can include adding lighting fixtures, updating the wiring of the kitchen, upgrading plumbing fixtures, and adding structural features such as sinks, exhaust fans, improving drainage, and more.

Removal and demolition

Some removal of kitchen features can include stripping away flooring, replacing old cabinetry with new ones, adding new countertops, enhancing the finishing of existing surfaces, tearing down nearby existing space to remodel into one big one, or adding doors and archways to open up or enclose space.

New flooring

A new floor can surely change and highlight an entire area. Switching to new floors can add colour, depth, dimension, and overall appeal to an area, in addition to making cleaning and spills a breeze to manage.


New cabinets can create wonders for space and address any storage issues for your dishes, glassware, bakeware, and any other kitchen-related items. New cabinetry can be custom-created with your choice of wood, colour, and finish that will complement your kitchen.

At BFJ Design, we work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams. We work with your budget, vision, and expectations in mind, whether it be the look you want to change, or the complete functionality of design and structure.

Our team of experienced home renovation specialists will go over your kitchen-related concerns and work with you from the ideation and blueprints phase to construction and completion. Contact us today for a consultation and we will provide you with an estimate that can’t be beat!

Call us at 604-681-8174, or come visit us in our showroom at 1362 West Pender Street.

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