Italian Kitchen Cabinets

How do you feel when you walk into your kitchen? More importantly, how do you want to feel? These two questions are at the heart of any kitchen remodel. You need to feel comfortable in your kitchen, able to move freely, like you would in a perfectly fitted outfit.


BFJ Design looks at kitchen design through new eyes, creating functional kitchens that feel comfortable while looking elegant. When you work with a design professional to help ensure you feel this way in your new kitchen, you’re more likely to get exactly what you’re hoping for, on time and on budget.


Why An Italian Kitchen

When a country is known for some of the most delicious food in the world, you can’t help but expect them to also have the best kitchens in the world. This article focuses on what makes Italian kitchen cabinets special and why BFJ Design is the best design shop in the Vancouver area to help design your luxury kitchen.


Must Be Seen In Person

For many, the first time they see a luxury Italian kitchen is in a catalogue, or online (our Pinterest page does have some great ideas for you). But even the best photographers can’t capture the beauty seen in the details of an Italian kitchen. Nor can the luxury be felt until it’s experienced in person.


That’s why BFJ Design has collected the most desired cabinetry, appliances, faucets, and flooring for our 4,000 square foot showroom in downtown Coal Harbour. Once you see how luxurious an Italian kitchen is in person, and feel the quality that goes into every piece, you’ll be excited to start designing your dream kitchen.



Seemless Design For Any Space

The Labirinto Project (pictured here) can be configured to fit in any kitchen. Just imagine, customized Italian cabinets with the option for pullout trays, simple swing doors or pocket doors. This not only helps improve the look of your kitchen but its functionality as well. 


The drawers and doors of these quality cabinets keep their modern, sleek design by not requiring hardware. Instead, your cabinets open with a single, gentle push; a recessed handle grip is also part of the design.


Hidden In Not So Plain Sight

Another elegant feature of an Italian kitchen is the use of space. Appliances big and small can be hidden behind beautiful, rich cabinets. Doors can open to tuck into their own pockets, creating an even more accessible space for cooking and dining. With an Italian kitchen you’ll be surprised by what you see, as well as what you don’t see.


Beautiful And Green

It may be hard to believe that such a quality, beautiful product is also sustainable, but that’s the best part. BFJ Design is committed to bringing your designs and ideas to life, in the most eco-friendly way. One of the reasons we’re able to do this is because we chose our manufacturing partners with great care. We only work with leaders in the industry who are also committed to sustainability and protecting the environment.


Our facilities are also run from 100% solar energy.  Being FSC and Carb 2 certified is something we take much pride in.

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