Kitchens for High Rises and Multifamily Projects

Are you considering a kitchen renovation in a tight space, perhaps in a condominium? Are you building a multi-family project that needs a high-quality, eco-friendly solution made just for a contemporary condo layout?


Efficient Design Without Compromising Quality and Style:

As condo living becomes more popular for young families with children, it’s important to utilize a smart design that incorporates as much useable cabinet space as possible.

Smart, efficient design does not have to be devoid of personality and elegance. Although a tight space can create a design challenge, a designer and kitchen supplier who can think outside the box will be important in problem-solving your storage capacity issues. You can have a sleek, distinctive design that accommodates the storage space needed for a growing family, without compromising style, quality, or useability.

Functionality and a unique look can be combined effectively with the right kitchen design. This is just the kind of challenge we enjoy tackling here at BFJ Design.


Common Issues in Condo Kitchen Designs:

  • Condo kitchens often have shorter ceilings than those found in houses and townhouses.
  • There are often restrictions for plumbing and electrical work.
  • A condo kitchen area can include tight spaces or unusable spaces unless the layout is well-designed.
  • Poor quality materials can easily wear and break down quickly in tight spaces.
  • If the design is poor, it can be hard to move around in a small condo-sized kitchen.

We take advantage of top-of-the-line technology and supply compact and spacious kitchens that fully utilize tight areas. Our multi-family line of products is catered towards developers and designers who require ordering large volumes of kitchen cabinets.


Eco-Friendly, Sleek Solutions:

Our factory is green-certified. It’s powered by solar panels and our factory is both Carb 2 compliant and FSC certified. As we are very health conscious, the amount of formaldehyde (glue) we use is at the lowest possible levels. Every step of our design and building process is analysed carefully to meet our environmentally friendly requirements.

You’ll find that the quality of our cabinets is exceptional. We are very proud of our production standards, and we know you will be impressed by our kitchen cabinetry products and solutions.

Let’s have a conversation about your renovation or building project today: Click here to connect with one of our designers.

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