Italian Hardwood Flooring

When completing a renovation, the beauty is always in the details. Each element in a great design plays off the other elements, helping to set a unique tone or a mood for your newly designed room.

One element that can be easily overlooked is the flooring. Sometimes, the floor does not get the attention it deserves, lack of knowledge, or the mistaken belief that the flooring is not as important as other features. However, when given the right attention, a well-designed floor can pull an entire room together and create visual interest that complements the other design components.

When focusing not just on durability and colour, but also on the aesthetic, a world of options opens up to create a beautiful and elegant ambiance through carefully-chosen flooring materials. In this blog article, we are focusing on Italian hardwood flooring, our specialty.


Our Process:

BFJ Designs is the only brand that directly owns and controls every step of the hardwood processing for our designs. We use birchwood from our own forests and a specialized process to ensure the distinctive look for the design is achieved through our careful processing system. Our flooring is also very durable and will stand up to the test of time.



Sadly, pine is commonly used for the underlay of many luxury floors. At BFJ Designs, our design pattern engineered hardwood flooring is birch, which is substantially superior to pine. We know that your new flooring should last for the lifetime of the design, and we build our floors to last by paying attention to every aspect, even the parts you cannot see.


Other Important Qualities of Our Flooring:

  • Because we only use quality materials, all our flooring is radiant heat safe.
  • We can supply hardwood flooring from normal planks to very special customized patterns. Whether your newly designed room requires classical flooring, extra-wide planks, jumbo-length planks, a unique cut pattern, we can provide flooring that will enhance the character of the space.
  • The incorporation of inlays can be very creative and fun. We can incorporate marble, ceramic, steel, and bronze inlays in the flooring design to provide a unique and refreshing experience.
  • We offer many species of wood and we can also custom colour-match the flooring to other design features.


Stylish Options for Your Unique Room Design:

Italian hardwood doesn’t just look beautiful on the floor. The same patterns and materials can also create a stunning look by incorporating it on the walls as millwork paneling. It can even be used for the furniture, such as the dining table. The options are practically endless.  



Now is a great time to investigate what BFJ Designs can do for your next renovation. From conception to completion, we will help you select the best quality materials and the right design features to create the look and feel you want for your new room.

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