Personalized Closet Design

One of the most important yet overlooked areas of our homes is closet space. When designed well, closet space is easy to access and use. When closet space is not being utilized optimally, it is less functional, often disorganized, and even awkward to use.

If you have to slide your body sideways and tilt yourself overtop of a shelf just to reach that item at the back of a closet, you know how frustrating it can be. That item may not end up back in that space if it’s so difficult to reach, leading to disorganization and an untidy home.

An industry study was conducted about closet design, including many people of various age groups and across genders, which confirmed the importance of good closet space in a home. 95% of the people who participated in this study indicated that the best improvement to their home would be having larger closets.

While larger closets are nice to have, it’s even more important to have the closets designed to maximize the space they occupy. A functional and ergonomic design does not waste space; it is easy to use.

You might not realize this, but one of the simplest ways to make a closet more functional is to add LED lighting and glass. Trying to find something at the back of a dingy, dark closet space is not easy; it makes for an unpleasant experience. By brightening up the closet and creating more visual access, everything in it is easier to find and it’s also then easier to then keep the space organized.

The effect lighting and glass has on a closet design is that it becomes grander. These are simple and effective ways to enhance the space. A good closet design will look good and be easy to use. Consider these finishes for your ideal closet design to create a chic look that is functional:

  • Glass
  • Leather
  • Lacquered wood
  • Wood veneer
  • Laminate
  • Mirror

BFJ Designs offers all these design elements, and it would be a pleasure to help you design a personalized closet space that you will find effective and easy to use. We specialize in custom designs to solve even the most challenging of closet spaces, to give you the best layout for your needs and a beautiful look that will be the envy of all your friends. Get inspired here: Custom Walk-In Closets 

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